Oriental Rug Reweaving

Whether you take utmost care of your oriental rug or leave it unclean, the chances are that it will become torn and damaged after a certain period of time. Taking better care of it can extend its lifespan whereas not taking care results in earlier damage. But, what to do when the oriental becomes torn? Well, one good solution is to reweave it. Though reweaving an oriental rug is a complex task, but you can give it a different look simply by taking it to a weaving specialist. However, we will talk about the possible reasons why your oriental rug needs reweaving and how to do that in this writing.


  • Insects: Insects and bugs are the enemies of your pricey oriental rug. Most of the damages on your rug are caused by bugs and insects.
  • Dust: If not taken care for a long time, the Oriental rug can get damaged easily.
  • Overuse: Everything has its limitations. So, if over used, your expensive oriental rug can get damaged.
  • Furniture placement: If you put heavy furniture on the rug, it can cause damage to the certain part of the rug. Dragging the furniture without lifting it up can also cause the damage.
  • Burnt: As a household decoration material, things like candle lights, lighters, cigarettes can easily damage certain parts of your oriental rug.

There are a plenty of other reasons that can cause damage to your oriental rug and requires you to rewoven the. But, what steps should you take when a rug requires reweaving? Let us talk about that as well.

Oriental Rug Reweaving

Depending on the quality and category of the rug, specialists take measurements regarding what to do. However, remember that, it would not be something good if you do not spend a little much amount of money in getting your rug repaired as it itself was expensive.

  • Step 1: Depending on the amount and other specifications of the damage, the rug specialists take an approximate measurement whether the rug has to be entirely rewoven or any certain part. The damage may be in a small part of the rug, or throughout it. So, they would understand what to do.
  • Step 2: This step is more specific. The specialists now come to a term that what category of repairing or reweaving it might have to be given. This step requires approximating the fringes that are damaged etc.
  • Step 3: This step is the execution of the reweaving. Reweaving your rug is an artistic and highly handy work that needs time and only the specialist masters can do that perfectly.
  • Step 4: If you feel like changing the fringes of the rug entirely, you can do that. It may need you to spend a bit extra money.

Finally, reweaving your rug is not a simple task that you can do at home. Therefore, if you find any damage in your oriental rug, make sure to contact with a specialist as soon as possible.


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