Moth Proofing

Moths are a huge problem for rugs. They feed on the natural fibres of your Oriental rug. This of course means that overtime it will cause significant amounts of wear and tear to the surface of the rug. This isn’t a problem you should just ‘accept’ however, it is something that can be easily avoided. Our experienced cleaning team is on hand to ensure that moths do not want to feast on your beautiful Oriental rug at all. If they unfortunately already have gotten to your rug then using the experience we have we will easily be able to reverse any damage that has occurred.

As soon as you purchase your Oriental rug you should get in touch with us as soon as possible to ‘Moth Proof’ your rug. This will ensure that any damage that occurs will not be as a result of clothing moths. Do not delay getting in touch because moth damage is a problem that occurs straight away. The treatment is generally carried out using an aerosol based solution on the rug. We will ensure that the moths are not attracted to your rug at all! It is suggested that you get your rug ‘moth proofed’ at least once a year. You can easily incorporate it into your cleaning regime. It is worth noting that our ‘proof’ will not cause any damage to your rug at all, in fact you won’t even know that any work has been carried out.

Sadly many people are not able to get their rugs proofed in time. This means that the moths have already chomped away on the fibres of the rug and the damage has become visible. This is often evident with ‘bald patches’ throughout the rug. As you can imagine this looks rather unsightly. It isn’t the end of your rug however! Our professional team has the experience to reverse all damage that has been caused no matter how serious it is. In fact, we are able to restore your beautiful Oriental Rug back to its former glory.

Moth Proofing is one of the most important things you can do for your rug. Without sufficient moth proofing in place then you will be replacing your expensive rug much sooner than you thought. Thankfully moth proofing isn’t that expensive, just get in touch with our expert team today and discuss your needs. We will be happy to help you out.


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